Friday, October 10, 2008

Alright. . . I'm In

So, at my friend's urging, I decided to start a real blog. We'll see how dedicated I am to posting on any sort of regular basis. I want the theme to be mostly political as I am in a near constant state of panic about our current societal and governmental direction. But I'm sure I'll throw in some stupid junk now and then. Without further ado, I give you the safest dog in the world:

I think it's now time I moved on to some more serious matters. I was speaking yesterday to someone that currently wants to remain anonymous (he wears a tinfoil hat as well). The crux of this conversation was whether or not martial law will be declared in the next month or so. There are rumors out there of various things like our government defaulting on our debt, multiple bank failure, etc. that just might entice our amazing president to continue on as dictator interim while our "problems" get sorted out. Without further ado, I give you something scary. Now, I ask you, what would you do if martial law were declared?

Anyway, this is my first post. We'll see if anyone responds or cares.